Ok, let’s start with some simple maths. 

If you replace a single 60w halogen bulb with a more energy efficient 6W LED bulb, then you’ll save 85% in energy consumption. Now bear in mind that a standard LED bulb will last for around 20,000 hours of usage while a halogen will go for just 10% of that total time. What you have right there is a simple and easy to understand reason why you should be replacing halogen with LED.

At Olympia Electrical this is one of the ongoing jobs that we handle for our commercial clients. If you imagine that a fairly large scale company has up to 1,000 individual bulbs then you’re talking about a significant annual saving in energy costs … God knows businesses need all the help they can with that right now.

What we often find is that many of the companies that we talk to actually have fluorescent style lighting still in place, which quite honestly is just as bad as halogen. The replacement LED bulbs are not only energy efficient but they also create a better, more modern office environment and when you consider how much time people spend at work then maybe it’s an option with a dual benefit. 

It’s also worth remembering that fluorescent tubes are filled with mercury gas which is a hazardous substance. Whenever we replace these tubes with LEDs, we always make sure that we dispose of them responsibly and obtain the relevant WEEE certificates.

Over the years we estimate that we’re installed over 5,000 LED bulbs and if you think of it like that then we believe that we’ve been involved in saving thousands of pounds in energy costs. If that’s not worth a round of applause, then we don’t know what is.

You could be a phone call away from your business making a significant annual saving, the sort of saving that could be reinvested, used to look after your team or simply added to your bottom line. Either way Olympia Electrical will help you save that money and remember when it comes to replacing bulbs, LED is an investment not a cost.

And if you’re ever worried about the company you keep then let’s make it clear, some of the world’s biggest companies have changed to complete LED system. Businesses such as Walmart in the states sit alongside the global brands Google and Starbucks in making the switch, while here in the UK, Marks and Spencer’s are leading the line, which is of course, is exactly what we’d expect from them. 

If you would like to talk to us about replacing your existing lighting system with a greener, modern, more efficient energy set up, then get in contact with us at Olympia Electrical on 07809 726321 or click through on this email link info@olympia-electrical.com

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