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We all know how popular Electric Vehicles are becoming but they’re not much good without a changing point to go with them. 

At Olympia we install home EV charging points which will give you the peace of mind that every morning, when you get up, your vehicle will be fully charged and ready to go. Depending on the range of your car and the distance you travel, changing at home may mean that you never have to charge your car at a public changing point again. 

Charging at home is the most cost-effective way of charging your vehicle with some estimates suggesting that it can be half the cost of charging at public rapid charging points. What this means is that the cost of having an EV point installed should be viewed as an investment rather than just a cost. Either way, it’s certainly cheaper than filling up with diesel. 

If you’d like to talk to us about the installation of an EV charging point then please contact us on 07809 726321 or drop us a line on

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