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It’s true to say that over the years, Olympia have grown, but we will never forget where we started. What that means is that no job is ever too small and it’s why we still handle all aspects of essential electrical work, regardless of size.

Installing a new plug socket somewhere in your home, replacing an old light fitting or simply running electrics out to your shed or garden office are all day-to-day jobs that we still take on. In fact, quite often, they’re the jobs that we enjoy the most because they tend to make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

At Olympia, we know what we’re doing when it comes to electric essentials and that’s because we’ve been doing it from day one. You often find that these jobs aren’t expensive to get done but they do make a real difference. If you’d like to talk to us about any essential electric work, then please get in contact on 07809 726321 .

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