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If you’re after complete peace of mind, Olympia carry out EICR’s (Electrical Installation Condition Report) which in simple terms is a complete check of the electrics in your house. Put another way, it’s an electrical MOT for your home. 

An EICR includes everything from wiring and accessories right through to distribution. It covers the condition and compliance of the fuse board, socket outlets, light fittings, switches and all wiring in the property. We test it with specialist testing equipment that is calibrated regularly and that can diagnose and help to facilitate the quick rectification of faults.

When we handle these checks at Olympia, we do it properly and compliantly which means that you can be confident that the home you live in is safe.

At Olympia we may well be a full service, electrical contracting business but we’re not too big to take on smaller jobs and when it comes to safety, there’s no such thing as a small job, they’re all-important.

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