At Olympia Electrical, we’re experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of electrical contracting work and never more so than in the domestic market.

Safety checks

If you’re after complete peace of mind, Olympia carry out EICR’s (Electrical Installation Condition Report) which in simple terms is a complete check of the electrics in your house. Put another way, it’s an electrical MOT for your home.

Consumer units

If you have an old fuse board in your house then you’re at a greater risk of issues such as electric shocks and even electrical fires. What’s important is that these old units are replaced with modern RCD’s (Residential Current Device).


Quite often when you buy a house, there’s a list of jobs to undertake such as a new roof or replacing doors and windows. The other one is a full rewire. The truth is, older properties are often not up to scratch when it comes to the latest electrical safety requirements and to sort that out you need a rewiring job.

Electrical essentials

It’s true to say that over the years, Olympia have grown, but we will never forget where we started. What that means is that no job is ever too small and it’s why we still handle all aspects of essential electrical work, regardless of size.

EV chargers

We all know how popular Electric Vehicles are becoming but they’re not much good without a changing point to go with them.