Many years ago, whenever a piece of electrical equipment went wrong, two things would happen. First of all, someone would grab a handy torch and check out the fuse box, usually in the cupboard under the stairs. Secondly, that same person would reach for the fuse wire and go ahead and try to fix the problem. 

It’s no wonder that the number of household electric shocks was significantly higher than it is today. This was the gauntlet that consumers ran when tackling anything electrical themselves.

Thankfully these days everything is very different and fortunately the number of electric shocks is probably much lower than it was. The introduction of RCD’s changed the industry forever, making it safer and more secure whenever electrics were involved.

At Olympia Electrical, we install these units on an almost daily basis. We still see these old fuse boxes in operation and every time we replace one, we know that the property is instantly better off as are the people that live there.

These units have trip switches, circuit breakers and a mains switch and they make even the simplest of routine tasks such as changing a lightbulb suddenly much safer. All you do now is isolate the electricity to the house, change the bulb and switch the power back on … just make sure you do it reasonably quickly before everyone in the house starts to moan about the internet connection being down.

In addition to making routine maintenance easier, RCD’s also deliver automatic safety features. Problematic electrical equipment will merely trip the switch rather than reducing the whole house to darkness, while the circuit breaker cuts in to avoid larger scale electrical issues.

RCD units are the first logical step in making sure that your house is safe from an electrical point of view. As well as reducing the risk of electric shocks, these units will also minimise the chance of an electrical fire. 

Also, if you’re a landlord then you should have an up to date EICR which would highlight if an RCD unit were not present but should have been. The facts are, many landlords still do not have this paperwork in place, which of course should be a concern for any tenants.

If your property or one that you know, still has an old style fuse box then please get in contact with us at Olympia Electrical on 07809 726321 as soon as possible. We can install a unit quickly and properly and remember, all of our consumer unit upgrades get fully tested and certificated with both an installation certificate and a building regulation notification certificate. 

With Olympia you have peace of mind.

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